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Unique features

High quality and a wide range of logistics and distribution services

Unique features

By In News, Services On 09.05.2015

The main advantages of our company are high quality and a wide range of logistics and distribution services provided for all of our suppliers and customers.

The main condition for the provision of quality services in the field of logistics and distribution is the professionalism of our senior management and all staff. Due to prolonged work in the company all employees are imbued with the spirit of the corporate leadership of the company. The quality of training of each employee and coordinated performance of all make them a cohesive team of associates.

The most important quality of the company is its high degree of responsibility for their obligations as to our suppliers and to our clients -buyers. We value the trust of all our partners. While working with our partners, we have a very high degree of integration. Based on the our submitted plans for the year ahead sales of products from our suppliers, which may not change during the implementation of more than 5% deviation, they can build a credible program of the production cycle. Our suppliers are sure in steady sales of their output on the market.

An important quality, which distinguishes our company from similar ones, is the presence of its own high-tech office and warehouse complex, self-sufficient trucks and cars, a large number of modern and high-tech computer and monitoring equipment.

All the following processes are fully automated and digitalized:

— The movement and availability of goods in a warehouse;

— The adoption and execution of customer orders;

— Control over the timeliness and completeness of settlements with all contractors;

— Monitoring of the performance of vehicles in real time via GPS, and others.

The presence of these advantages gives us the right to be considered one of the best distributive — logistics companies in Ukraine.