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Sources of sunflower oil are sunflower seeds


Sources of sunflower oil are sunflower seeds. Not without a reason we call sunflower the flower of the sun, as the flower itself is alike the sun, besides it is light and heat-loving and in the process of maturing turns its hat after the sun during the day. The quality of the future oil significantly depends on the quality of seeds, level of oil content, humidity and the period of maturation.

Oil obtains from sunflower seeds by means of wringing under the press and extraction. Prior to the wringing process seed peels from the trash, husk and crushes. The percentage of receiving of the raw oil as a result of wringing is not high. Maximum of fat from the raw material can be received by means of extraction processes to which undergo seeds that have passed wringing process (oilcake). In the extraction process one receives raw oil by adding to the oilcake organic solvents which later repel from the received micelle by distillation method.