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We love animals! Animals make our lives richer.


The dream: A healthy pet in a happy family.


Love for animals.

We love animals! Animals make our lives richer. With them, we are happier. We love them and want to care for them.

This is an indisputable value and the main motivator in what we do.

Quality of the products

We create a quality product. We know that the highest quality is the highest value for the Company and everyone who works with us; it is an unwavering standard and daily task number 1.

We are constantly working to always be sure – the quality we give is absolute.

Respect for your own company and its partners

We respect our company and our partners. We comply with rules and procedures adopted by the company at all times.

Having regard to the opinion of our partners and staff, we are always ready to listen to and hear them.

Mutual corporate responsibility and personal responsibility

Personal and team responsibility, responsibility of the company before its employees and their responsibility before the company are equally important to us. Taking responsibility, we act. Taking a decision, we take responsibility for it.

And, most importantly, we do not hesitate, because, in our Company, we can always count on help.

Innovations and development

We believe – the future is innovation. We are open to change, willing to implement new ideas and develop. We – stand for innovation and renovation in products, technologies and management. We support innovations in all their manifestations, in everything, in the smallest details.

We select people that can become better than us

We choose professionals that can become better than us. Our greatest wealth is people. We select talented, enterprising and motivated people, who are willing to set ambitious goals and achieve them.

We invest in professional and personal development of our employees.

We form a team of professionals, who understand and share our corporate values and focus on the highest result. We believe that these people will help achieve our mission in the long run.


We do not hide anything: any events or intentions that may affect the results of our work together, on mutual relationship or situation in the team.

Each and every one of us is open in their actions and intentions.

Objective approach in assessment

We accept objective approach in evaluating work of an employee or a subordinate and our own. We deal with facts.

Efficient teamwork

We believe that success is only possible with coordinated team play. A common outcome is higher than one’s own ambitions or interests of any particular player.